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                  Started: Wednesday, 6 March 2024


                An #OPChildSafety Media Initiative 

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Download our flyer HERE

Download Meta Lawsuit HERE

Join us in this global campaign in contacting international media outlets to report and expose Facebook (Meta) and Instagram. We are sending links to profiles and groups hiding in plain sight that are distributing Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). 

Every #PedoHunter can attest that Meta's platforms has become a safe haven for sexual child abusers and their illicit clientele. It's home to thriving CP markets, hiding in plain sight because there are no consequences. We're doing our part, and Meta isn't doing theirs.

                                 FACTUAL RESUME

On Wednesday, December 6, 2023, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, Inc. were served a LAWSUIT brought by Mr. Raúl Torrez, the Attorney General of New Mexico, exposed in the lawsuit the scope of Facebook (Meta)and its sister company Instagram for allowing its social media platforms to become marketplaces for child predators.


His office launched a year-long investigation, gathering a wealth of evidence that Meta's algorithms are connecting underage children with child sexual abuse material (CSAM), and exposing them to sex trafficking, pornography, and putting them in the cross-hairs of pedophiles. 

In other words, Meta’s platforms are operating the “single largest marketplace for predators pedophiles globally” says the New Mexico Attorney General. This is why sexual predators against children feel comfortable using Meta’s platforms.


                                CALL TO ACTION

1. Gather your links of Facebook and Instagram Pedo profiles and groups, compiled into a list. Treat this as evidence and DO NOT SHARE THESE LINKS PUBLICLY. TO DO SO IS TO AID THE ENEMY.

2. EMAIL MEDIA AGENCIES AND COPY/PASTE LIST ACCOMPANIED BY A SUMMARY OF WHY YOU ARE CONTACTING THEM IN PROTEST AGAINST META. (You can use template below). Please feel free to add other media outlets to your email list.


  Example Email Template


BODY: Greetings Citizens, we are Anonymous;

The following concerns the ongoing lawsuit brought against Mark Zuckerberg by Mr. Raúl Torrez, Attorney General of New Mexico over Meta's platforms enabling child sexual abuse.


Please find enclosed a list of profiles and groups we have found on Facebook and Instagram to support his findings. There is a reason why child abusers, traffickers and CP markets feel safe operating on these platforms - there are no consequences. Please continue to report on the progress of this lawsuit, as the epidemic is real.

#Anonymous #OpChildSafety #OpSafeKids #OpMetaExposed



Some Media Email Addresses

         To Get You Started


             Our Rules & Culture

                                # O P C H I L D S A F E T Y
                        +-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
                                 |T|H|E| |C|H|A|R|T|E|R|
      +-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+


                           --->    #WEGUARDTHECHARTER    <---

                                    (A) AIDING THE ENEMY

  1. We DO NOT share links or any type of media containing child sexual abuse material (CSAM) in group chats or dms FOR ANY REASON. Those who do this will be CANCELED. This is a federal crime under 18 U.S.C. § 2252 constitutes distribution and carries a statutory minimum of 15-30 years in prison, plus fines.

  2. We DO NOT make use of photos of other people, ESPECIALLY underage persons OR USE IMAGES OF VICTIMS FOR ANY REASON. Violating this precept will result in cancelation.

  3. We DO NOT publicly disclose links to our hunting grounds, or publish our methods, except internally amongst our hunters. DOING SO IS AIDING THE ENEMY by informing them of where we operate, and how. This allows them to teach our methods and develop counter-methods to avoid our hunters.

  4. We DO NOT launch DDoS attacks against websites containing child sexual exploitation material. This not only disrupts investigative initiatives but also compels the enemy to relocate their operations where they can slip off our radar. THOSE WHO DO THIS ARE AIDING THE ENEMY.

                                      (B) ENGAGEMENT

  5. Mass reporting accounts just to boast about it on social media IS NOT HUNTING. Mass reporting ALONE DOES NOT RESCUE THE VICTIM BY ALERTING AUTHORITIES WITH EVIDENCE THAT SATISFIES PROBABLE CAUSE IN ORDER FOR A JUDGE TO ISSUE AN ARREST WARRANT. Mass reporting causes targets to merely open new accounts off the radar. 

  6. We WILL develop actionable strategies in order to de-anonymize the target and report the account to the appropriate platforms such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and

  7. We only SUGGEST to not target individuals outside the USA, because not all countries have records databases in the public domain. This precept isn't a rule. Dedicated OSINT skills will de-anonymize all targets.

  8. We DO NOT use our personal names or personal accounts to engage the targets.

  9. We DO NOT break standard OPSEC practices. Doing so can jeopardize the safety of your team.

                                      (C) MORALITY

  10. We DO NOT extort or blackmail targets for personal gain.
  11. We DO NOT hunt for clout and recognition. We hunt to save victims and aid in the capture of pedophiles.

  12. We STRONGLY encourage groups and hunters to provide a safe space for emotional support to decompress. Hunting can take an emotional toll. This in turn can affect the hunt itself.

  13. We DO NOT pick fights with other crews. Co-exist or GTFO.

                                   ❄  W 1 N T E R S T 0 R M ©  ❄

                               #OPCHILDSAFETY REPORTING GUIDELINES




                                  PERFORM THE FOLLOWING:

1. Report the URL/Domain name to the domain controller. (WordPress, GoDaddy, Wix, etc.)

We use to retrieve the registrar information, and the Abuse email contact for the domain. SEND AN EMAIL TO THE ABUSE EMAIL ADDRESS.

2. Notice the name of the hosting company published in the domain registrar. You may need to perform a web search for the Abuse email contact associated with that domain. SEND AN EMAIL TO THE ABUSE EMAIL ADDRESS.

3. If you have obtained the IP address of an individual connected to the receipt of delivery or distribution of CSAM, or child sexual abuse, or sexual enticement of a minor, etc, REPORT THE IP ADDRESS TO THE INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER by using


         USA                                                             Global

National Center for Missing                              INTERNATIONAL WATCH FOUNDATION (IWF)

And Exploited Children (NCMEC)             CANADA                

1800-843-5678                         1-800-659-4264


                               OBSERVE. REPORT. RESCUE THE VICTIM.




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