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                      My name is GhostExodus.

I'm a former black hat computer hacker and insider threat. I’m also the founder and leader of the hacking collective known as the Electronik Tribulation Army.

In 2009, I was arrested for installing malicious code on healthcare systems. Upon conviction, I became the first person in recent US history ever to be convicted for corrupting industrial control systems and ultimately served nearly 11 years in federal prison.

I became a two-time fugitive and attempted to flee the country. I broke into a US Customs-controlled shipyard and blackmailed the captain of a cargo ship into taking me to Nigeria after discovering that they were disabling their AIS tracking beacon while in international waters.

Fast forward to the present day, I work as a contributor at Cybernews, and as a humanitarian activist for the Coalition for Civil Freedoms. I am a cybersecurity researcher at heart, and I use my experiences as a former threat actor and hacker to bring awareness to security risks.



7 Laws of True Hacktivism Ethos


1. MALICIOUS CODE: The world is not your testing ground. That’s what virtual machines are for.


2.  CONSEQUENCES: Weigh the consequences of every action you take. Ask yourself how your actions will either help or harm.

3. THEFT: Do not steal information or money from the innocent. Victimizing the innocent does not make one a hero, but an enemy of the public and the Mask. There are plenty of evil people who can be punished.


4.  DO NOT DISRESPECT THE MASK: If you hack outside an Op, cause no harm to the innocent. Doing so disrespects the Mask.


5. PUBLIC HEALTH & SAFETY: The following are strictly forbidden as targets: schools, businesses, civilians, healthcare, and industrial controls related to quality of life, and public health and safety, whereby misuse could have the potential to endanger the public. These shall be considered out-of-scope, WITH THE ONLY EXCEPTION if it is essential to expose injustice or wrongdoing of said entity, and WILL NOT PUT THE PUBLIC AT RISK.


6. DO NOT TRANSGRESS THE OP: If someone you know, or an individual or group is transgressing the goals of a hacktivism operation through out-of-scope attacks, and you learn of it, get in front of the attack to anonymously warn the target of the attack, in an effort to mitigate it, without involving law enforcement.

7. WARTIME LAW: During times of war, the loss of life through hacktivism is strictly forbidden. This is for armed ground forces. The power of life and death shall not be determined from behind a computer by a hacktivist.


Electronik Tribulation Army

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