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                      My name is GhostExodus.

I'm a former black hat computer hacker and insider threat. I’m also the founder and leader of the hacking collective known as the Electronik Tribulation Army.

In 2009, I was arrested for installing malicious code on healthcare systems. Upon conviction, I became the first person in recent US history ever to be convicted for corrupting industrial control systems and ultimately served nearly 11 years in federal prison.

I became a two-time fugitive and attempted to flee the country. I broke into a US Customs-controlled shipyard and blackmailed the captain of a cargo ship into taking me to Nigeria after discovering that they were disabling their AIS tracking beacon while in international waters.

Fast forward to the present day, I work as a contributor at Cybernews, and as a humanitarian activist for the Coalition for Civil Freedoms. I am a cybersecurity researcher at heart, and I use my experiences as a former threat actor and hacker to bring awareness to security risks.

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#FreeGhostExodus Today is June 26, 2024, marking the 15 year anniversary of my arrest, and subsequent upward battle for freedom. Being arrested for #hacking industrial controls wasn't exactly the highlight of my #blackhat days.


Since then, I've been trying to give back the best way I know how. This is why I advocate hacktivism guidelines called #the10nodes, and strive to educate others in mitigating unethical sabotage while staying true to the spirit of #hacktivism.


I had learned a profound sense of consequences since that fateful night, which helped shape a better perspective towards our subculture.

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